Automated Product Tracking & Reporting Improves Operational Efficiency

Automated Product Tracking & Reporting Improves Operational Efficiency

Cybertrol improved the client's operations by automating its paper-based tracking process in which the finished product was tracked from production lines to warehouse locations to the truck at the loading dock. User-friendly interfaces and dynamic, real-time reporting allowed for instant access to usable data.

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Manual paper-based tracking and bill of lading systems made it difficult to track products coming off the production lines and into shipping trucks. Product often needed to be set aside for rework without confusing it with product ready to be shipped, requiring proper tracking that was a challenge within the paper-based system. Filling the right shipments in the right locations at the right times was a time-consuming, error-prone process.


Cybertrol designed and installed an easy-to-use interface and database to support the tracking of product and location assignments. The solution features:

  • The ability for users to make source and destination selections for database transactions that then generates a report
  • Reports accessible through a web browser connected to the database server on the facility’s network
  • Software capable of manipulating location data based on report input selections while also fetching and aggregating quality data for selected items
  • A finished report highlighting the new location of the product and/or the final bill of lading to print and distribute to the driver


The result of Cybertrol’s innovation was an improvement in operational efficiency and quality through new user interfaces, automated information flow, and real-time reporting. The client achieved a quick start-up time with no negative impact on the overall production process.