Corrugated Paper Handling Control System Retrofit Decreases Cycle Time

Corrugated Paper Handling Control System Retrofit Decreases Cycle Time

A corrugated packaging manufacturer located in the Pacific Northwest was looking to retrofit its corrugated handling system. Cybertrol delivered improved cycle times, faster changeovers, and improved maintenance across the system.

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Intermittent faults were causing excess downtime and waste, while poorly built control panels and missing documentation made troubleshooting difficult. Outdated electronics were difficult to replace. Legacy software made modification difficult, and it was nearly impossible to make significant changes in the process. Poor repeatability on positioning paper resulted in high scrap rates and low quality.


Cybertrol provided a new control system designed to replace the existing system with minimal impact on field wiring. The solution featured:

  • New servo controllers, drives, motors, cables, and gearing
  • Standardization of parts to minimize the stock of spare parts needed
  • A new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC to integrate motion control with the sequential ladder logic
  • Ability to pause and start the cycle on command to inspect the product


Cycle time decreased by 17% due to programming changes and processor speed. Repeatability improved as a result of adding new sensors and programming. New panel, electronics, and documentation made troubleshooting, changes, and additions much easier, while realistic graphics made machine operation intuitive, reducing training time and expenses.