DCS Upgrade at a Healthcare Campus Utility Plant with Zero Downtime

DCS Upgrade at a Healthcare Campus Utility Plant with Zero Downtime

A Minnesota-based healthcare campus utility plant had an outdated distributed control system (DCS) that had been implemented more than 20 years ago. Cybertrol upgraded the plant to PlantPAx with zero downtime.

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The outdated technology made it difficult for the hospital to manage its utilities. They needed to improve efficiencies and their ability to manage energy usage. As industry technology improved, support and parts for the older system became more difficult to find and more expensive. A reliance on secondhand parts led to vulnerabilities and at-risk heating and cooling operations.


Using existing A-B CompactLogix PACs, Cybertrol implemented a visualized PlantPAx process control system from Rockwell Automation. The solution featured:

  • Ease of programming to the entire system for utility management
  • 14 custom-built chassis that fit into the existing marshalling cabinets
  • Remote access capability to resolve issues from anywhere
  • New data collecting services to see production, volumetric, and energy usage totals


The new DCS improved the facility’s performance, enabled remote support, and lowered the hospital’s cost of ownership — without ever fully shutting down the plant.