A New System for Liquefied Natural Gas Storage & Fueling Stations

A New System for Liquefied Natural Gas Storage & Fueling Stations

An LNG fueling station design/build firm needed to scale up to build fueling stations across the U.S. in order to fuel fleet and semi-truck vehicles equipped with LNG engines.

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A robust design was needed with requirements for modularization, remote support, integrated safety, and site revision control.


Cybertrol developed a solution featuring several electrical design and software functions, including:

  • Modular 3-bay enclosure electrical designs for differently sized systems, including space for expansion components
  • Software created in a modular fashion, with templates for certain functions that could be enabled/disabled
  • Methane sensors and fire-eyes wired into a safety PLC and integrated with Fire Alarm Panel
  • An assembly process to be able to stock and easily modify systems to ship with a week’s notice


The new system was rolled out to fueling stations across the U.S. — the first network of its kind. Systems are able to be commissioned remotely, allowing for the future of cleaner burning fuels.

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Joel Haugen, P.E.
Joel Haugen, P.E.
Project Management Manager