Building Marshalling Control Panels to Meet Stringent Standards

Building Marshalling Control Panels to Meet Stringent Standards

An oil refinery was expanding operations and required additional equipment. To support the expansion, Cybertrol was contracted for design and build services.

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Stringent refinery electrical and instrumentation standards needed to be adhered to. This included custom analog wiring solutions, spacing requirements, and labeling requirements.


Cybertrol designed and built all control and marshalling panels with the following features:

  • Organized layout for marshalling panels
  • Grounding and bonding isolated for instrumentation
  • Cable management solutions for in-cabinet routing/protection
  • Custom stand-off designs
  • Custom barriers for cable separation


Streamlined designs allow for simplified field wiring and organized cable management with clearly labelled and segregated terminal blocks. Analog signals can be maintained easily with clearly labelled individual disconnects and proper signal isolation.