Automation Provides Real-Time Data & Reporting for Pumping Stations

Automation Provides Real-Time Data & Reporting for Pumping Stations

This pipeline operator required a system that could give relevant, real-time reporting for operation management of 200 pumping stations across the U.S.

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The widely distributed historian system lacked centralized change management, making standardized data collection, filtering, and archiving onerous. No context was available when searching for data, so the user needed specialized knowledge to find what they were looking for.


Cybertrol’s project solutions included:

  • Development of a tool to manage the historian system
  • Enabling of users to create a data template for a given piece of equipment
  • Application of configuration changes made to the equipment template to all the distributed historians in the system
  • Ensuring of compliance for regulatory data settings
  • Design of a logical, equipment-based context for data retrieval
  • Structuring of data in the way people understood the equipment (e.g. Line, Station, System, Subsystem, Device) rather than as it exists in the control system


Cybertrol’s software was commissioned and has been managing the data collection system nationwide. Data is now accessible by business users without the need for specific control system knowledge.