New Membrane Processing, Chemical Preparation & Testing Facility

New Membrane Processing, Chemical Preparation & Testing Facility

A new membrane manufacturing facility needed an improved plantwide distributed control system for chemical preparation, membrane processing, and testing systems.

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New Fortune 50 company ownership called for higher performance requirements for a new facility. The legacy designs from the previous ownership’s older facilities did not meet the performance requirements in mind. The previous designs built over time had confusing graphical interfaces and over-complicated control code, and the corporate standards for a different control system did not directly apply to the control system used at the new facility. 


Cybertrol completed a detailed review of corporate standards to develop standards specific to this division of the company, including:

  • A standard approach for functional specification documents, which utilized a direct reference method to software code addresses, providing clarity for non-programmers
  • Standards for DCS software code, including a sequence engine that was easily defined and operated


The standardized functional specifications translated into simple, intuitive HMI graphics. The standard equipment state design logic maximized operational efficiency and streamlined maintenance. The reusable system components allowed for efficient engineering design and programming efforts.