Custom Control Panel Design for Roadway Test Equipment Drive Systems

Custom Control Panel Design for Roadway Test Equipment Drive Systems

A complex custom-coordinated drive system was needed to simulate a roadway for the testing of performance race cars and standard vehicles. Cybertrol developed a solution to address several issues across the project.

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The system needed fast acceleration and deceleration in order to effectively simulate roadway conditions. This required coordinated belts to run under the four tires and another large belt to simulate the road running beneath the vehicle. These systems needed to comply with North American and European standards and also required a significant amount of electrical current which posed an issue for normal cabling.


Cybertrol developed a custom control panel design solution that featured:

  • Custom cooling designs for the large horsepower drives for the belts, including custom ducting in the cabinets and air-flow management with air conditioning units and fans
  • A bus-bar system in the power distribution design for the high amperage, allowing for a more compact design with more secure torquing of connections
  • Designs for CE ratings and UL ratings to be able to ship to Europe or North America


The new systems are installed and successfully running all over the world in different applications, including demanding conditions to test vehicles under extreme acceleration/deceleration circumstances.