Cybertrol Engineering Acquires ESE, Inc.
December 11, 2019

Cybertrol Engineering Acquires ESE, Inc.

Today, we announced the acquisition of ESE, Inc., a leading integrator of food and beverage plant automation systems. Like Cybertrol, ESE is a Rockwell Solution Partner and both companies are CSIA Certified members. ESE, located in the heart of the dairy industry in central Wisconsin has more than 30 years of experience specifically integrating control systems for the food and beverage industry.

The future of manufacturing lies in plantwide automation and information integration. Cybertrol develops, implements, and supports solutions for automation, information, and industrial IT/OT challenges across industries. With the addition of ESE, Cybertrol adds powerful engineering resources to serve clients, including significant depth of expertise in food and beverage.

Cybertrol and ESE are aligned in values, customer service, and a desire to integrate complete, best practice process control solutions that help companies run smart, efficient, reliable manufacturing operations. This acquisition is a seamless way to provide industry-leading capabilities to clients of both organizations, and better serve the food and beverage industry across North America.

Combined Strength of Two Rockwell Automation Solution Partners

Both Cybertrol and ESE are Rockwell Automation Solution Partners, the highest level in the Rockwell Automation System Integrator Program for qualified system integrators that use Rockwell Automation technologies and relationships to help companies reduce project risk. By acquiring ESE, Cybertrol extends plant information and process control solutions while ensuring superior quality for clients.