Cybertrol Engineering: Bringing Sustainable Solutions to CheeseExpo
April 4, 2024

Cybertrol Engineering: Bringing Sustainable Solutions to CheeseExpo

Cybertrol Engineering is thrilled to announce its participation as both an exhibitor and silver sponsor at CheeseExpo 2024. This year's spotlight on sustainability strategies and technologies perfectly aligns with our commitment to eco-friendly innovations.

Set against the backdrop of the Baird Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from April 16-18, this premier event draws over 4,000 dairy processing professionals eager to explore the latest in cheese technology, product safety, and marketing insights. Specializing in sanitary process control within the cheese and dairy industry, Cybertrol is ready to exhibit our expertise in plant operations. We will showcase a simulation Clean-in-place (CIP) interactive demo and highlight how our MES solutions like PalletWorks are establishing new standards in operational efficiencies and sustainability for leading U.S. cheese producers.

Cybertrol’s Legacy in the Dairy Industry

Cybertrol Engineering has established itself as a key player in the dairy and cheese industry by providing comprehensive integration solutions tailored to the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of this specific manufacturing niche. Our offerings include:

Configurable Clean-in-place (CIP) Solutions: Designed for enhanced efficiency and sustainability, these solutions offer flexible system control, enabling users to optimize cleaning processes for various equipment and pipelines. This not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces water usage and chemical dependency, echoing the sustainability theme of CheeseExpo 2024. Learn more

Batch Control & Recipe Management Systems: Our expertise in batch control and recipe management ensures streamlined processes, reduced variability, and compliance with FDA regulations, enhancing production scheduling and materials traceability. Discover how

PalletWorks: Our integrated tracking and labeling software solution addresses end-of-line errors, improving product tracking, inventory accuracy, and fulfillment efficiency. It also accommodates random weight packaging. Find out more

Other Industry-Specific Solutions: With a deep understanding of the dairy and cheese industry's processes and challenges, we deliver PMO-compliant process control solutions, from raw dairy receiving to product packaging, ensuring quality and compliance. Explore more

CheeseExpo 2024: At a Glance

CheeseExpo, hosted by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA) and the Center for Dairy Research (CDR), is a pivotal event for professionals in the dairy and cheese industry, providing an invaluable opportunity for networking, learning, and discovering the latest trends and technologies in cheese production.

As we gear up to make a big impact at CheeseExpo 2024, we are proud to highlight the team attending, led by our CEO Ben Durbin, and including key figures like Executive VP Tim Barthel, Sr. Account Manager Dan Caron, and Principal Automation Engineers Zach Heckert and Tim Steinke. The team will be available at booth #1115 in the Baird Center where they will be alternating between both Configurable CIP and PalletWorks demonstrations. View floor map and booth location

"CheeseExpo 2024 is such an important event for us and represents the culmination of decades of dedication to the sanitary process industry,” says CEO Ben Durbin of this year’s event. “Our team, collectively bringing over a century of expertise, is excited to share our innovative solutions and insights. We're particularly proud to align our offerings with this year's sustainability theme, helping customers throughout the industry with our plantwide process improvements from receiving solids retention, through processing yield improvements, overall reduction of waste, and time-saving efficiency solutions. This year, in our booth, we are demonstrating how our Clean-in-place (CIP) solutions contribute to water conservation and chemical reduction, beyond just their time-saving capabilities."

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, Cybertrol Engineering is closely monitoring emerging trends in the cheese industry, such as the integration of AI in quality control processes and the adoption of sustainable production practices. By staying at the forefront of these developments, we aim to support the dairy and cheese industry in navigating the challenges of a rapidly evolving market.

“Attending these events is crucial, not just for networking, but also for keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry’s future,” states Tim Barthel, Executive VP. “We’re really looking forward to hearing from our peers and competitors about how they’re advancing the sustainability agenda. For us at Cybertrol, pushing the boundaries of sustainability is undoubtedly the most critical path for the dairy industry’s progress.”

Our participation in CheeseExpo 2024 is a testament to our dedication to innovation and industry improvement. We invite all attendees to visit us at booth #1115 to discover how Cybertrol's solutions can enhance operations from start to finish, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable cheese-making process.

Don't miss the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and discover cutting-edge solutions at CheeseExpo. Join us in shaping the future of cheese-making! For further insights into Cybertrol's impact on the cheese and dairy industry, explore our specialized capabilities.

CheeseExpo-Download-the-App-Social-Media-Post_040324Cybertrol is a silver sponsor of the CheeseExpo Mobile App. Available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Just search "cheeseexpo" all one word.