Cybertrol Engineering Employee Spotlight: Meet Zach Heckert
February 28, 2024

Cybertrol Engineering Employee Spotlight: Meet Zach Heckert

At Cybertrol Engineering, excellence isn’t just a goal; it's a standard upheld by our dedicated professionals like Zach Heckert, a Principal Automation Engineer on our food and beverage core team. With nearly two decades of experience and a passion for problem-solving, Zach has been instrumental in leading some of our most significant projects to success.

Zach's journey with Cybertrol began in May 2007, when he joined as an Automation Engineer 1 (AE1), specializing in SCADA development. Over the years, he has worked his way up to the Automation Engineer 4 (AE4) level and Principal Automation Engineer, where he leads engineering teams on multi-million-dollar projects. His primary responsibilities include overseeing hardware design, control panel production, PLC/HMI programming, and ensuring that projects stay on track and that objectives are met.

Zach’s typical day is anything but typical, with the dynamic nature of his role requiring adaptability to new circumstances daily. Balancing office and fieldwork, he navigates shifting customer demands and project priorities. In the office, his day kicks off with morning scrums followed by individual check-ins with project team members. Scheduled meetings for ongoing projects, support issues, and sales assistance fill his agenda, combined with leading programming efforts and engaging with corporate engineering teams. In the field, Zach prioritizes accommodating customer schedules while ensuring the onsite team has what they need to progress. His ability to effectively multitask during travel or idle onsite time allows him to stay on top of his workload and address pertinent issues efficiently. Zach's insight showcases the various responsibilities he manages both in-office and in the field, reflecting his adaptability and commitment to achieving project goals.

Zach has played a pivotal role in numerous major projects, including some of the largest food and beverage manufacturing facilities in the world. From ice cream manufacturing plants to dairy processing facilities, Zach has left his mark on projects of all sizes, consistently exceeding expectations and driving success.


Among his noteworthy contributions are:

  • World's Largest Ice Cream Manufacturing Plant (Tennessee): Serving as AE2/3, Zach played a pivotal role in implementing automation and control solutions for batching, contributing to the success of this multi-year project.
  • Major Cheese Plant (Wisconsin): As lead engineer, Zach spearheaded automation initiatives for receiving, milk processing, and whey plant conversion, enhancing efficiency and quality in cheese production.
  • Top 3 US Cheese Producer (Wisconsin): Leading the engineering efforts, Zach facilitated automation solutions across various stages of production, solidifying Cybertrol's reputation as a trusted partner in the dairy industry.
  • State-of-the-Art Plant-Based Protein Facility (Canada): Leveraging his expertise, Zach engineered automation solutions for wetmix, spray drying, and powder handling, contributing to the success of this cutting-edge production facility.
  • Dairy Processing Plants (Minnesota): From batching to pasteurization, Zach's leadership ensured the seamless integration of automation and control solutions, optimizing production operations for dairy manufacturers across Minnesota.

For Zach, one of the highlights of working at Cybertrol is the opportunity to mentor and develop new engineers, fostering a culture of growth and collaboration within the team. As individuals thrive and progress, so does the collective strength of the organization.

Originally from Faribault, Minnesota, Zach now resides in Chanhassen. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota-Mankato, with a minor in Mathematics.

Outside of work, Zach leads an active lifestyle. He has played amateur baseball since he was 17 years old, spending the past 15 years with the Champlin Park LoGators. Although he has played every position on the field, he now primarily pitches and helps lead the team as an assistant manager.


Additionally, Zach has a passion for ice and rock climbing, along with some mountaineering experience. Despite picking up climbing later in life, he has tackled challenging peaks such as Mt. Baker and Mount Rainier, as well as numerous 14ers in Colorado. Traveling is another key interest for Zach, as he makes it a point to embark on international trips annually, often centered around hiking and climbing adventures. Recent destinations include Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Australia/New Zealand, and the Bahamas/West Indies. Domestically, Zach enjoys exploring scenic spots like Hyalite Canyon in Bozeman, Yosemite, various locations in Colorado, and (soon) Glacier National Park. Zach's dedication to his hobbies showcases his adventurous spirit and commitment to staying active and engaged outside of the workplace.

Employee Spotlight Zach Heckert
Employee Spotlight Zach Heckert Bungy
Employee Spotlight Zach Heckert Climbing
Employee Spotlight Zach Heckert Climbing

Zach's unwavering dedication and impressive track record continue to solidify Cybertrol's position as a leader in automation engineering. His passion for innovation and commitment to excellence continue to drive success in every project he undertakes. We are proud to have Zach as part of our team, and we look forward to witnessing his continued contributions to our company's growth and success.