Cybertrol Engineering to Showcase Latest PalletWorks Software at PACK EXPO
October 20, 2022

Cybertrol Engineering to Showcase Latest PalletWorks Software at PACK EXPO

Minneapolis, MN - October 20, 2022 - Cybertrol Engineering, the industry-leading provider of plantwide control systems and information integration solutions will showcase PalletWorks 2.0 tracking and labeling software with a hands-on, live demonstration in booth #N-5184 at PACK EXPO in Chicago, October 23-26, 2022.

PalletWorks 2.0 intelligently bridges the gap between the manufacturing floor and the ERP system. This fully integrated solution was developed by Cybertrol Engineering to automate end-of-line tasks and eliminate rework due to human error.

Cybertrol will be showcasing the latest version of PalletWorks at PACK EXPO, the premier venue for packaging and processing industries. PalletWorks 2.0 is a subscription-based SaaS that integrates seamlessly into any manufacturing environment. Not only does it integrate with packaging and labeling hardware on the plant floor, but it also communicates with existing controls and ERP systems. This complete integration makes PalletWorks an ideal solution for increasing production accuracy and automating tasks at the end of the line, all through a single vendor.

PalletWorks 2.0 includes everything required for an enterprise-level tracking and labeling solution. PalletWorks 2.0 software continuously monitors throughput, labels items and pallets, records production data, and can be seamlessly integrated with the ERP system for real-time updates. In addition to its automated features, it also allows operators the flexibility of bulk editing and label reprints before data transfer to the ERP or other business systems.

PalletWorks 2.0’s customizable and operator-friendly web portal is accessible from industrial tablets on the floor, as well as back-office PCs. It leverages HMI screens to display throughput and highlight current hardware statuses. PalletWorks 2.0 software’s customizable workflows integrate easily into any modern control system or production line, thus eliminating costly end-of-line errors and rework. Cybertrol Engineering supports PalletWorks with 24/7/365 support that includes remote monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.

Held at McCormick Place in Chicago, October 23-26, 2022, PACK EXPO International is Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute’s (PMMI) largest and most high-profile show for packaging and processing industries.

About Cybertrol Engineering

Founded in 1996, Cybertrol Engineering is a nationwide CSIA certified industry-leading control and information systems integrator that develops, implements, and supports plantwide automation systems, industrial IT/OT networks, and manufacturing intelligence solutions. With a plantwide approach, Cybertrol helps manufacturers deliver appropriate information to all users, allowing facilities to run at maximum efficiency, with the greatest visibility for corporate, management, and plant floor operations. With a deep history in manufacturing intelligence, Cybertrol’s solutions help clients across industries like dairy and cheese, food and beverage, industrial, and life sciences effectively view and analyze operations by providing plantwide information systems at each site, aggregating data for enterprise dashboards, and implementing proven manufacturing intelligence strategies.

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