Cybertrol: A Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Gold System Integrator
August 28, 2022

Cybertrol: A Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Gold System Integrator

In 2021, Rockwell Automation launched a System Integrator (SI) Program as part of their PartnerNetwork™ that delivers dedicated SI enablement, rewards a partner’s performance, and provides top partners with more substantial benefits and higher recognition. The former program of Recognized System Integrators and Solution Partners was phased out and replaced by a new tiered program model—Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum—that reflects partner competence, revenue performance, and strategic alignment with Rockwell Automation.

Prior to the roll-out of the new System Integrator Program, Cybertrol Engineering was a Rockwell Automation Solution Partner. Since the launch of the new program, Cybertrol is now a PartnerNetwork Gold Level System Integrator having achieved a higher level of sales success and meeting the requirements of three or more competencies of the program.

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Image: A snapshot of the eligibility requirements, by partner level, that a system integrator must meet to become a member of the program.

Program Eligibility Requirements

Rockwell Automation System Integrator partners are distinguished based on the tier they qualify for. Participants in the program can qualify for any combination of disciplines that are appropriate for the markets they serve. To achieve a capability, a system integrator must complete the competency curriculum that has been established as part of the program.

Cybertrol Engineering’s Gold Level Competencies

Gold Level Requirement: 3+ competencies within or across the Rockwell Automation Technology Disciplines and higher level of sales success.

Rockwell-Automation_SystemIntegrator-Capability-CONTROL_Control_Badge Rockwell-Automation_SystemIntegrator-Capability-INFORMATION_IIoT_Badge Rockwell-Automation_SystemIntegrator-Capability-POWER_LV-Drives_Badge Rockwell-Automation_SystemIntegrator-Capability-CONTROL_MachineSafety_Badge Rockwell-Automation_SystemIntegrator-Capability-PROCESS_PlantPax_Badge Rockwell-Automation_SystemIntegrator-Capability-CONTROL_Visualization_Badge
  1. Cybertrol’s Control Capability reflects our expertise in delivering solutions leveraging Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley Programmable Controller product offering: Large PLC Control Systems, Small PLC Control Systems, or Micro PLC Control System.
  2. Cybertrol’s IIoT Capability signifies our expertise in delivering state-of-the-art information solutions (MES, Analytics, and IIoT) to industrial clients.
  3. Cybertrol's Low Voltage Drives Capability demonstrates our expertise in Rockwell Automation Low Voltage Drive Systems solutions.
  4. Cybertrol's Machine Safety Capability promotes our expertise in delivering solutions leveraging Rockwell Automation Machine Safety product offering. This includes Safety Programmable Controllers, Safety I/O, GuardLink Technology, and Safety Connection Systems.
  5. Cybertrol’s PlantPAx Capability supports our expertise in delivering process solutions leveraging the tools and techniques offered by PlantPAx, the Rockwell Automation modern distributed control system (DCS) for large, medium, and small applications. It is hardware and software that scales to your needs and is a characterized system that delivers known performance by providing guidelines and reference manuals to size and build your PlantPAx system. PlantPAx is the only process automation system capable of managing the entire range of automation applications, including motion and drive systems, and was built for plantwide process and batch control.
  6. Cybertrol's Visualization Capability demonstrates our expertise in delivering solutions leveraging Rockwell Automation visualization product offering. This includes a broad range of software, graphic terminals, operator terminals, and industrial computers.


Why is the System Integrator Partner Program important to Rockwell Automation?

Rockwell Automation Partner Programs have been integral to the success and strategy of the business for more than 100 years. The PartnerNetwork provides customers with an integrated team of engineering specialists and suppliers that are leaders in the automation and manufacturing industry. PartnerNetwork program members are prominent companies that have experience delivering products or services that are designed to work with Rockwell Automation solutions. A collaboration among members helps to streamline your supply chain, simplify project implementation, and provide the greatest value for your automation investment.

"Several decades of partnering with Rockwell Automation has allowed Cybertrol to offer our customers truly best practice solutions combining Cybertrol’s extensive knowledge of processing equipment and systems with Rockwell Automation equipment and software to deliver solutions that maximize manufacturing performance. Maximizing manufacturing performance is part of our mission statement at Cybertrol – its our promise to our customers."

- Ben Durbin, CEO of Cybertrol Engineering

The System Integrator Partner Program brings robust commercial and technical enablement to maximize System Integrators’ skills, recognize and reward System Integrator performance, and provide the ability to find the right System Integrator for a project to meet customer needs and achieve mutual success.

Rockwell Automation Systems Integrators Brochure PartnerNetwork System Integrators brochure from Rockwell Automation
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