Embracing Challenges and Customer Focus: Cybertrol's Winning Formula
March 12, 2024

Embracing Challenges and Customer Focus: Cybertrol's Winning Formula

Discover how Cybertrol Engineering, a certified member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) embraces challenges in the industrial automation industry and prioritizes customer focus. From identifying innovative ways to combat labor shortages to developing transformative software solutions like PalletWorks, Cybertrol is committed to building long-term partnerships with its customers and delivering exceptional service 24/7. Explore their winning formula for success and excellence in the field of industrial automation.


In a recent episode of the Talking Industrial Automation podcast, hosted by Lisa Richter, the Director of Industry Outreach and Growth at CSIA, Cybertrol Engineering’s CEO Ben Durbin shed some light on two fundamental principles embedded in his company’s ethos: a relentless commitment to a client-first philosophy and a proven track record of turning obstacles into opportunities. The podcast is a key initiative by CSIA to help audiences get to know its members who help make modern manufacturing and processing possible, focusing on integration technology, trends, challenges, and the professionalism of system integrator businesses.

One of the first topics to emerge during the conversation was labor shortages, which Ben pointed to as a challenge faced by customers across the board. He spoke to the dwindling influx of new talent into the industrial workforce, resulting in heightened competition for recruitment and exacerbated turnover rates. This, coupled with fewer experienced training resources, has left many companies grappling with inadequately staffed teams ill-prepared to navigate the day-to-day (and sometimes middle of the night) challenges that arise on a factory floor. However, Cybertrol saw this challenge as an opportunity to shine. By positioning itself as a 24/7 resource for its partners, Cybertrol's support bench serves as a stand-in for fully staffed teams, bridging the gap caused by labor shortages and making itself indispensable to those it works with.


Ben made a point of noting that this support isn't limited to their existing long-term clients, either. "Many partnerships have started with a distress call in the middle of the night. Then, when things calm down, they may realize that we’re also the right people for all future projects."

When discussing some of our customers' biggest end-of-line packaging tracking challenges, the conversation with Lisa also touched on the pervasive issue of mislabeled and untracked inventory. Once again, Cybertrol didn't shy away from the problem but faced it head-on by developing PalletWorks, its fully-integrated tracking and labeling software solution that helps manufacturers automate end-of-line tasks to eliminate rework due to human error.

PalletWorks streamlines the production labeling process with features for data management, bulk editing, hardware status visualization, seamless integration into control systems, and access to real-time information from various devices. Operation is conducted through the PalletWorks portal, a web-based user interface for viewing and managing production data. Unlike most custom solutions built in-house, PalletWorks offers operators an easy way to make bulk corrections on mislabeled products or apply corrections against an entire production run before any data is sent to the ERP system. PalletWorks is backed by Cybertrol’s around-the-clock support, ensuring that users receive assistance whenever needed.

Cybertrol Engineering PalletWorks Labeling Software Admin Portal Dashboard

From providing 24/7 bench support to overworked teams to building out PalletWorks, it's clear that Cybertrol places its clients' needs at the core of its business model. But they take it a step further as Ben shined the spotlight on the new "industry core teams" model Cybertrol has rolled out.

“By dedicating teams to specific sectors, we've streamlined processes both for our customers and internally,” says Ben of the shift. “This tailored approach ensures that our clients have a dedicated and familiar team working closely with them, providing consistent support across engineering, programming, account management, and project leadership. This has not only enhanced engagement within our company but has also resulted in more focused and effective collaboration, ultimately benefiting our clients more than a one-size-fits-all model.”

"Every customer has the potential to be a long-term partner.” Ben emphasizes. “Whether it's overseeing major ventures like constructing a new factory, expanding a large plant, or something smaller like handling the unexpected midnight service call or completing a minor project—or even planning for the equipment’s life cycle—we're there for it all. While big projects are fantastic, our dedication extends equally to the everyday needs of our customers.”

Cybertrol is proving that customer focus paired with treating challenges as opportunity is truly a winning combination, proven by their nearly 90% repeat customer rate. To hear more about what Ben had to say on the subjects of industry challenges, decision making, and even advice for his younger self, check out the full conversation with Lisa or read the Q&A on the CSIA's website.

For more information on PalletWorks or Cybertrol’s 24/7 service, contact us.