Hormel Foods Honors Cybertrol with 2022 Spirit of Excellence Award
December 20, 2023

Hormel Foods Honors Cybertrol with 2022 Spirit of Excellence Award

In a celebration of innovation and excellence, Cybertrol Engineering proudly accepted the 2022 Spirit of Excellence Award from Hormel Foods on December 6, 2023. This honor reflects Cybertrol’s commitment to delivering outstanding quality, service, and technological solutions to our customers.

Representatives Eric Wood, Adam Traeger, and Chad Swenson from Hormel Foods traveled to Cybertrol headquarters in Plymouth, MN, to present the award. The Spirit of Excellence recognition showcases the consistent dedication of the entire Cybertrol Engineering team to exceed the Supplier Quality Management (SQM) standards set by Hormel Foods.

Every year, Hormel Foods evaluates suppliers based on key criteria such as quality, delivery, service, and innovation. Only the suppliers who exceed these standards become eligible for the Spirit of Excellence Award. To qualify, suppliers must maintain a minimum Supplier Rating Index score of 92 over a 12-month period. This evaluation process, established in 1990, ensures a consistent and fair assessment for all suppliers.

The guidelines for SQM Scores include maintaining a score of 92 or higher throughout the calendar year, providing a superior level of technical and customer service, delivering innovative solutions, and undergoing a review by plant SQM committees. The final stamp of approval comes from the Corporate SQM Committee, which convenes quarterly to ensure the highest standards are met.


Receiving the Hormel Foods Spirit of Excellence Award once again in 2022 is a testament to Cybertrol Engineering's sustained dedication to excellence. This honor is a recognition not only of past achievements, but of a continuous commitment to providing top-tier service and technologically advanced solutions.

At Cybertrol Engineering, we are honored and proud to be recognized by Hormel Foods with the Spirit of Excellence Award, and we look forward to many more years of partnership, collaboration, innovation, and shared success. Together, we will continue to raise the bar for excellence in engineering solutions within the food industry.

Pictured in the featured image (from L-R) from Cybertrol Engineering: Craig Moeller – Sr. Business Development Manager, Marla Kryzer – Sr. Human Resources Generalist, Lauren Drankoff – Project Manager, Jeff Reust President, Andy Croke – Director of Core Teams, Ben Durbin – CEO and from Hormel Foods: Eric Wood – Staff Engineer, Adam Traeger – Sr. Supervising Staff Engineer, Chad Swenson – Control Software, Security & System Design Engineer