Recognizing Excellence: Tim Barthel's Leadership Honored by FPSA
April 17, 2024

Recognizing Excellence: Tim Barthel's Leadership Honored by FPSA

Cybertrol Engineering extends its gratitude to the Food Production Solutions Association (FPSA) for the special recognition given to our Executive Vice President, Tim Barthel, at their annual Executive Exchange and Conference in Indian Wells, CA, on March 26-28, 2024. This event marked a significant moment where Tim's exceptional leadership as the founding chairman of the FPSA Technology Network from 2019 to 2024 was acknowledged.

During the conference, Brian Krumsee, Chair of the Networks Leadership Team, took a moment before introducing each network to recognize Tim and present him with a plaque of appreciation, symbolizing the FPSA's gratitude for his unwavering commitment and service. In his speech, Brian highlighted Tim’s dedication and the pivotal role he has had in shaping the Technology Network since its inception. Tim’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in its success, driving innovation, and fostering collaboration within the food and beverage industry. This recognition not only reflects Tim’s individual achievements, but also underscores Cybertrol’s dedication to advancing technological solutions in the food production sector.


In addition to the conference recognition, FPSA honored Tim on LinkedIn during Volunteer Appreciation Month (April). A volunteer spotlight post celebrating Tim’s contributions showcased his role as the founding chairman of the FPSA Technology Network and highlighted his efforts in advancing technology in food processing. With more than 16 years of experience and as Executive VP at Cybertrol, Tim's expertise in industrial automation ensures the delivery of innovative and reliable solutions that optimize performance and efficiency for our clients.

The FPSA Technology Network serves a crucial mission—to provide expertise, solutions, and guidance to FPSA member companies while creating an awareness of emerging trends in technology within the food and beverage industry. Tim’s leadership has played a key role in advancing this mission, facilitating knowledge-sharing and promoting a culture of community among industry professionals. Through initiatives such as Technotes, Tech Talks, webinars, and more, Tim has created valuable opportunities for stakeholders to exchange insights and explore new technologies.

As Tim steps down from his role as chairman of the FPSA Technology Network, Cybertrol would like to congratulate him for his contributions and dedication. His passion for creating value and empowering teams has been integral to the success of the Technology Network and has set a high standard for future endeavors.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the FPSA for their thoughtful recognition of Tim Barthel's role as the founding chair of the Technology Network. Their decision to honor Tim with a special plaque of recognition and appreciation exemplifies their commitment to acknowledging outstanding leadership within the industry. We are grateful for the FPSA's dedication to celebrating those who contribute significantly to advancing technology in food production. This gesture highlights the strong partnership between Cybertrol and the FPSA, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to drive innovation and excellence.



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