TagWatch Process Monitoring & Remote Notification from Cybertrol
August 3, 2022

TagWatch Process Monitoring & Remote Notification from Cybertrol

TagWatch LogoWe understand that keeping your facility operational and keeping product going out the door are two of the highest priorities for your business. When an disruption happens at your facility, an expeditious response is critical to mitigating the impact of that incident. Plant HMI systems deliver this information to on-site operators and staff, but when things happen outside of normal business hours, that visibility and response time can vary greatly.

TagWatch is a product developed by Cybertrol Engineering that can be used to monitor process conditions and send email or text alerts when configured thresholds are exceeded. It's a web-based solution that provides an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require software installation at the point of access. Trigger conditions, messages, and recipient groups can be independently configured for each event. A historical view allows you to see what “Trigger Events” happened and when.

Key Features

  • Ease-of-use and maintenance through a web interface
  • Email or text notifications available
  • Custom trigger conditions for both logic comparison and duration of conditions
  • Configurable messages to inform personnel exactly what event has occurred
  • Customizable groups allow you to inform the right people for each event trigger
  • Historical view of trigger events


The 5 Components of TagWatch Configurations

  1. Contacts - End users who will be notified when there is a new Trigger Event. Contacts can have email and/or phone (text) communications set up.
  2. Groups - A list of contacts who will be notified when a new Trigger Event occurs. Groups are tied to Conditions.
  3. PLC - PLCs maintain a reference to an actual field controller. An Upload Tags command will discover all the available Tags in that PLC, which can be added to TagWatch in the next step.
  4. Tags - Once a PLC’s Tags have been uploaded, they can be added through the Web App, which will put these Tags on scan in the Tag Scanner Service.
  5. Conditions - Tags can have one or more Conditions. In runtime, a Condition amounts to a logical comparison of the Tags actual value with the Condition’s trigger value. Whenever a Condition’s logic is True, a new Trigger Event is created.

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