Cybertrol Employee Spotlight: Meet Kevin Nowack
December 13, 2023

Cybertrol Employee Spotlight: Meet Kevin Nowack

Kevin Nowack is a principal automation engineer and project architect for Cybertrol, where he develops custom engineered solutions that the company delivers to its clients. Kevin’s tenure with Cybertrol technically spans more than 30 years, as he joined ESE, Inc., in 1992 and worked there until Cybertrol acquired ESE in 2019.

Kevin combines his decades of experience and specialization in the industries Cybertrol serves with deep knowledge of process and controls integration to develop the right solution for each client’s unique needs. He focuses on consistency, quality, and clear communication with his team members and clients. Kevin’s typical day varies widely as he moves multiple projects forward and remains flexible to respond to changes while maintaining project schedules. He keeps his focus on Cybertrol’s clients and ensuring their objectives are met, despite the challenges that inevitably arise throughout the lifecycle of a complex project.

Kevin has held a wide variety of roles in his 30 years in control system integration, spanning sales, marketing, engineering, estimating, and project management. Prior to that, he was a mechanical engineer. These days, Kevin credits the great team he gets to collaborate with as one of the best things about his work. “We have incredible minds at Cybertrol who care deeply about solving our clients’ business challenges,” he shared. “We operate as a team and constantly support each other.”

Kevin was born and raised near where he lives today, just outside Marshfield, Wisconsin. His wife has worked for the local medical clinic in Marshfield for many years. They have two grown daughters, one who lives in Minneapolis and the other who lives in Seattle. When he’s not working, Kevin loves being outside biking, hiking, boating, kayaking, skiing, fishing, and even mountain climbing (including Mount Rainier and Mount Kilimanjaro!).

Cybertrol is grateful for Kevin’s energy and expertise in partnering with our clients and his colleagues. “We work in a great industry,” Kevin concluded. “There are always new challenges and problems to solve, and technology is always changing and advancing. I’ve never been bored.”

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