Cybertrol Engineering Employee Spotlight: Meet Tim Steinke
June 10, 2024

Cybertrol Engineering Employee Spotlight: Meet Tim Steinke

Meet Tim Steinke, a driving force behind automation excellence at Cybertrol Engineering. Since joining the company in 2019 through the acquisition of ESE, Inc., Tim has made significant contributions, particularly in the field of process control solutions for the food and beverage industry. His career spans 15 years of combined service between ESE and Cybertrol, highlighting his passion for innovation and problem-solving. Prior to that, Tim had 18 years in the industry working for food, paper, and equipment manufacturers. Currently, he serves as a Principal Automation Engineer and Project Architect for Cybertrol's food and beverage core team.

Turning Ideas into Action

As a project architect, Tim is responsible for translating sales team proposals into actionable tasks, ensuring the engineering team delivers industry-best solutions that align with customer requirements and adhere to industry standards.

"While keeping my attention on the solution that was sold, I help our talented engineering team navigate through obstacles to achieve the robust solutions we strive for," Tim explains. His role is essential in ensuring that the solutions are both viable and effectively implemented.

No Typical Day

For Tim, a typical day is anything but typical. Each week brings a different set of tasks and challenges. He might be on-site working with customers and subcontractors, assisting sales with quoting activities, coordinating resourcing and scheduling with project managers, brainstorming new solutions with the engineering team, collaborating with other principal engineers, or providing one-on-one support to team members. This variety keeps him motivated, and he enjoys adapting to the ever-changing demands of his role.

Career Path

Tim Steinke joined Cybertrol following the acquisition of ESE in 2019, bringing with him 10 years of experience. Throughout his career, Tim has led numerous projects of varying sizes and complexities. While he has occasionally taken on supervisory roles, his primary focus has always been on executing projects to the best of his ability.

Major Projects

Tim’s expertise shines in the food and beverage industry, where he has worked on a wide range of process control solutions. His projects often involve regulatory compliance, such as pasteurization (HTST) and heat-treat processes, Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems, and inventory monitoring. Tim’s work also focuses on process optimization to enhance production, improve transition times, and reduce waste.

"I have experience on some of the more trendy dairy products such as Greek yogurt and kefir all the way to advanced hydration fluids," Tim shares. His ability to apply sound principles across various industries ensures reliable and effective solutions.

What Makes Cybertrol Special

Tim’s appreciation for Cybertrol is rooted in three core aspects:

  1. Passion for Work: Tim loves the diversity of his job responsibilities and enjoys collaborating with the talented team at Cybertrol.
  2. Customer Interaction: Tim values the opportunity to work with customers, from engineers and project managers to operators, improving their operational experience and reducing stress levels.
  3. Company Commitment: Tim acknowledges the management team's dedication to continuous improvement, support for employees, and respect for individual contributions.

"I truly love what I do. I embrace the diversity in my everyday tasks. I enjoy working with the team at Cybertrol," he says.

Background and Interests

Originally from Wisconsin Rapids, Tim now resides in Menasha, WI, with his wife Carrie. Living nearby is their daughter Shelby, son-in-law Connor, and twin grandchildren, Cade and Rylie, who were born in January 2024.

Tim graduated from Mid-State Technical College in 1994 with a degree in Instrumentation Technology.

Outside of work, Tim’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his grandchildren. “They are growing so quickly, and I love my new role of being a grandpa,” he says. Tim is also an avid baseball fan, particularly of the Milwaukee Brewers. Tim and Shelby share a special tradition of watching the Brewers play at visiting MLB stadiums, having already visited ten. He looks forward to introducing Cade and Rylie to this tradition, starting with their first Brewers game in August.

In his free time, Tim enjoys walking his dog, Lillie, going on family cruises, and golfing.

A Testimonial of Dedication

"Working at Cybertrol has been a blessing in my life, both professionally and personally," Tim reflects. "Leadership encourages us to challenge ourselves and each other. My colleagues have a multitude of experiences and backgrounds that contribute to our engineered solutions. There are a ton of ways to drive the solution and we’re not perfect, but our mutual respect and understanding of one another help us to evaluate each other’s work. I believe that the team at Cybertrol embraces their individual uniqueness as they advance their skills. That diversity has helped drive standards that everyone contributes to for the betterment of our deliverables."

Tim’s reflections highlight the supportive culture at Cybertrol, where leadership encourages growth and collaboration. His extensive experience not only drives successful projects but also naturally positions him as a respected mentor for associate-level engineers. Tim's passion for his work, his team, and the customers he serves continues to inspire those around him, contributing to Cybertrol’s ongoing success and growth.

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