Cybertrol to Showcase Cheese & Dairy Process Control Expertise at CheeseCon
March 29, 2023

Cybertrol to Showcase Cheese & Dairy Process Control Expertise at CheeseCon

Cybertrol Engineering, a nationwide provider of plantwide control systems and information integration solutions with expertise in cheese and dairy process control, will participate in the upcoming CheeseCon 2023 conference to share their solutions and knowledge of sanitary process control for the cheese and dairy industry, including PalletWorks, a fully-integrated tracking, labeling, and ERP integration software solution.

Minneapolis, MN - March 29, 2023 - Cybertrol Engineering, a nationwide provider of plantwide control systems and information integration solutions, today announced their participation at CheeseCon 2023 taking place April 4-6 in Madison, Wisconsin. Co-hosted by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA) and the Center for Dairy Research (CDR) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Cybertrol engineers will be on hand at exhibitor booth 525 to share expertise in cheese and dairy process control and PalletWorks, an end-of-line labeling SaaS platform that bridges the gap between the factory floor and ERP system.

Working as a trusted partner to leading U.S. cheese producers for more than 27 years, Cybertrol Engineering is a system integrator with extensive expertise in sanitary manufacturing process control and meeting Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) requirements for the cheese and dairy industry. Cybertrol’s team of engineers has created solutions designed to meet the highly specialized needs of the cheese and dairy industry, ensuring that raw milk is processed efficiently and with the highest quality standards. The company’s process knowledge ranges from dairy receiving bay management, standardization, and pasteurization to recipe management for cheesemaking and dairy mixtures, to flexible and efficient sanitary CIP processes, ensuring the final product is in-spec and USDA compliant.  

“We look forward to attending the cheese show in Wisconsin every year to network with industry leaders, share our in-depth expertise, and have meaningful conversations with our existing clients,” said Ben Durbin, president of Cybertrol Engineering. “We know in cheese production, it is more important than ever to partner with a system integrator that understands your challenges, knows your process inside and out, and has the technical capabilities to connect all levels of the plant, compliance, and business systems and that is what our team is committed to bringing to the table for our clients. Our passion for helping clients achieve business goals actually led to the development of our PalletWorks product. We look forward to sharing how PalletWorks is helping eliminate costly end-of-line errors with CheeseCon attendees.

Cybertrol Engineering developed the unique PalletWorks solution specifically to help a large cheese manufacturer solve costly end-of-line errors occurring during the transfer of data from the plant floor to the ERP system. The PalletWorks web portal empowers factory floor associates to see the data and correct labeling mistakes before they are transferred to the ERP system, often avoiding loss of product and costly rework. PalletWorks is a unique and creative integrated database solution, a bridge between the ERP and programmable logic controller (PLC) on the plant floor. The client who it was created for refers to it as a ‘packaging MES.’

More than 3,000 individuals who are involved in the dairy industry will gather at CheeseCon to exchange knowledge about developments in cheese technology, as well as product safety, workforce, dairy exports, and whey opportunities. The conference offers informative seminars, various networking opportunities, and a large exhibition hall featuring the most reliable suppliers in the industry. 


About Cybertrol Engineering

Founded in 1996, Cybertrol Engineering is a nationwide CSIA certified automation and information systems integrator that develops, implements, and supports process control, industrial IT/OT, and information systems. With a deep history in manufacturing intelligence solutions, we help clients across industries like dairy and cheese, food and beverage, industrial, and life sciences effectively view and analyze operations by providing plantwide information systems at each site, aggregating data for enterprise dashboards, and implementing proven manufacturing intelligence strategies. With a plantwide approach, Cybertrol helps manufacturers deliver appropriate information to all users, allowing facilities to run at maximum efficiency, with the greatest visibility for corporate, management, and plant floor operations. PalletWorks, a fully-integrated tracking and labeling software solution, helps manufacturers automate end-of-line tasks to eliminate errors. For more information, visit Cybertrol Engineering’s Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.