Driving Excellence with EOS: Insights from Cybertrol at CSIA
June 21, 2024

Driving Excellence with EOS: Insights from Cybertrol at CSIA

At the 2024 Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) Conference, John Tertin, Director of Solutions Engineering at Cybertrol Engineering, participated as a panelist in the session, "Panel: SIs share their experiences implementing EOS," where he shared insights into how the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) has changed Cybertrol’s internal management processes and enhanced service delivery. Cybertrol has been operating under EOS since August 2023.

Understanding EOS: A Framework for Organizational Success

EOS is a set of simple concepts and practical tools used by businesses worldwide to create a clear business vision, gain traction, and improve team health. This holistic model helps companies manage human energy effectively through tools that align and synchronize all the pieces of a business to produce desired results. Key components of EOS include defining clear roles and responsibilities (Accountability Chart), setting and achieving strategic goals (Rocks), and fostering a cohesive team culture through core values. These mechanisms ensure that every team member understands their role and works towards common organizational objectives.


Structured Leadership and Vision Alignment

During the panel discussion, John emphasized the critical role of structured leadership within the team at Cybertrol, facilitated by our adoption of EOS. He highlighted how EOS provides a consistent framework for meetings and decision-making, crucial for maintaining the vision and direction of leadership across the organization. This structured approach is essential for keeping the team aligned and focused on common goals, ensuring that every member is moving in the same direction with clarity and purpose; everyone in the boat is rowing in the same direction. John elaborates further, pointing out how this change has specifically made meetings more productive; the EOS structure ensures that discussions translate into action tied directly to strategic goals, making meeting time more efficient.

Culture Transformation through Core Values

One of the most compelling topics John spoke to during the CSIA panel was the impact of EOS on Cybertrol’s company culture. He discussed how we moved from generic values to ones that truly reflect our team's unique strengths. Many companies cite values like “innovation” or “technical excellence,” which are often too broad to set them apart. Instead, we focused on identifying and cultivating values that are distinctly representative of our team.

An essential part of this process was incorporating feedback from our clients. What they appreciate about us might differ from our self-perceptions, so understanding their perspective helped us define values that resonate both internally and externally. At Cybertrol, we identified Passionate, Authentic, and Willing to Help (PAW) as our core values. These values are not just aspirational, but they are qualities that our best employees already embody.

John highlighted how these core values have reshaped our hiring process. We now emphasize PAW in our job listings and make them a central part of our hiring decisions. By prioritizing these values, we ensure that new hires already align with our cultural expectations, which helps spread these qualities throughout the company. Fanning the flame of these core values has accelerated the integration of these traits across our team, enhancing our overall work environment and service delivery, and it means that our clients will continue seeing more of what they like, even from our newer team members who are upholding our high standards.


The Client-Centric Benefits of EOS

The structured implementation of EOS at Cybertrol extends beyond internal management, directly affecting how we engage with and serve our clients. With improved clarity and structured decision-making, we can ensure faster and more reliable project completions. Our clients benefit from our disciplined approach to project management, where transparency and efficiency are at the forefront, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall service reliability.

The discipline achieved by implementing EOS will also help expedite our CSIA re-certification process (every three years), benefiting our customers by preventing complacency and driving continuous improvement of our processes. By integrating our core values into our hiring process, we also ensure that our clients continue to get the level of service they expect from us, even as we expand our team.

Conclusion: Strengthening Client Relationships through EOS

John’s contributions to the panel discussion at the CSIA Conference emphasizes how for Cybertrol, the implementation of EOS only furthers our commitment to continuous improvement. By aligning our vision internally and adopting core values that reflect our true capabilities, we not only enhance our work environment but also deepen trust with our clients, promising them a partnership that prioritizes what they value in us. As we continue on our EOS journey, Cybertrol is dedicated to leveraging this framework to deliver superior solutions and services that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.