Tim Barthel Highlights Cybertrol's Role in Data-Driven Manufacturing
February 19, 2024

Tim Barthel Highlights Cybertrol's Role in Data-Driven Manufacturing

In a recent FPSA Meet the Member interview, Executive Vice President Tim Barthel highlighted Cybertrol Engineering's expertise in data-driven process automation, spanning from food sectors to ERP integration, and their advanced capabilities in material, recipe, and inventory management. Meet the Member is a video series hosted by the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA). Each video is a 3-6 minute interview with a representative from a member company. The video serves as a “meet and greet” for other members to learn about each other.

Article by Tim Barthel

FPSA_Tim-Barthel-Technology-Network-Chair-3Cybertrol Engineering is a Supplier Member of the FPSA, as a provider of manufacturing solutions to food and beverage processors. Tim Barthel currently serves as Chair of the Technology Network, a group whose mission is to provide expertise, solutions, and guidance to FPSA member companies while creating an awareness of emerging trends within technology in food and beverage industries.

Who is Cybertrol Engineering?

Cybertrol Engineering is a full service system integration company that has been in business since 1996, specializing in plantwide automation and information solutions. A large portion of our business is within food and beverage, specifically portions of cheese and dairy. We also do business in the fields of industrial life science, chemical, and medical devices. The company specializes in automation at any level, from the factory floor all the way up to enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration. We help clients collect relevant data at the factory level to facilitate good decision making within the business.

Cybertrol Engineering is a Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Certified Gold System Integrator, but we also work in other software platforms. Cybertrol is also a certified member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA).

A Holistic Data-Driven, Full-Factory Approach

Cybertrol has always been committed to being a great automation provider to our clients. Over the years, the approach has evolved towards reviewing the full factory system, from the time ingredients arrive at the front door all the way through their exit. Data is collected throughout the production process, providing an excellent link between the manufacturing execution system (MES) space and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Business decisions and optimization of production can become data driven, ultimately maximizing throughput and increasing profitability.


Advanced Skill Sets of Cybertrol

Cybertrol is experienced with many different software platforms in the MES space for production as well as quality. Our engineers are skilled at integrating this data with ERP systems. Clients are often delighted to hear that Cybertrol can provide so much more information than simple, basic reporting. Material management, recipe management, and inventory control all tie into factory floor operations, and Cybertrol has the expertise to integrate them appropriately.

Cybertrol Engineering, under the guidance of leaders like Tim Barthel, continues to set benchmarks in the realm of data-driven process control and automation. The company’s holistic approach to integrating data from the factory floor to higher-tier enterprise systems demonstrates a commitment not only to technological excellence but also to optimizing business operations for their clients. As industries rapidly evolve, Cybertrol's forward-thinking strategies and expansive expertise ensure that they remain at the forefront of innovation, delivering tangible value to businesses in the food processing sector and beyond.

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