FactoryTalk Optix: An End-to-end HMI Solution from Rockwell Automation
March 20, 2024

FactoryTalk Optix: An End-to-end HMI Solution from Rockwell Automation

FactoryTalk® Optix™, known as “visualization for visionaries,” is a cloud-based HMI platform that enables users to accelerate HMI development and delivery with modern technologies, innovative designs and modular deployment options. The result is HMI systems that cost less to build and maintain, plus simplify operator training.

The FactoryTalk Optix portfolio from Rockwell Automation® combines…

Cloud-based software

Modern software platform that enables you to create innovative designs and scale through seamless access to physically distant sites

Hardware options

Flexible deployment choices, including dedicated panels and industrial PCs, to support a wide array of applications


To create an end-to-end HMI solution that offers flexibility across the equipment lifecycle.


Choose the technology mix that works for you

  • Connect to a variety of third-party devices thanks to software designed for interoperability and full OPC UA support.
  • Use your choice of hardware, including the purpose-built OptixPanel™ graphic terminal and industrial PCs from Rockwell Automation or hardware from other vendors
  • Only pay for the features you need with runtime licensing that is based on the capabilities in your application.

Design more innovative equipment faster

  • Streamline the design process with multi-user collaboration, web-based design and test and integrated version control.
  • Accelerate development with pre-built recipes, localization, datalogging, creation of reusable code libraries, style sheets, and more.
  • Build modern, intuitive applications that are easy to learn, with C# and other object-oriented programming options

Adopt a flexible, future-ready approach

  • Apply open standards for connecting to devices and processing data,
  • Develop with extensibility in mind, through APIs, modern programming tools and open protocols that support HMI enhancements and integration with new technology.
  • Collaborate and troubleshoot from anywhere with cloud-based software options that enable collaborative design and secure remote connectivity.

FactoryTalk Optix Software

FactoryTalk Optix Software

FactoryTalk Optix is an HMI visualization platform. It delivers unmatched flexibility, scalability and interoperability and enables you to design and deploy an HMI that meets customer needs. This new platform includes features such as multi-user collaboration, web-based design and test, and integrated version control.

FactoryTalk Remote Access Solutions

FactoryTalk® Remote Access™ Solutions

FactoryTalk Remote Access solutions provide secure remote connectivity, so you can view, assist, manage, and troubleshoot from anywhere in the world. Respond to customer needs faster and apply the right skills and resources at the right time—with no need for travel.

OptixPanel Graphic Terminals

OptixPanel™ Graphic Terminals

OptixPanel graphic terminals are sealed HMI appliances that come pre-loaded with FactoryTalk Optix software licenses. This means the device is an all-in-one solution that’s ready to run at first power-up and costs less than an industrial PC. The pre-installed, closed OS reduces risk in implementation and maintenance.

ASEM 6300 Industrial PC

ASEM™ 6300 Industrial PC

ASEM 6300 Industrial PCs are available in box and panel form and allow for greater customization compared to the OptixPanel. Innovate with FactoryTalk Optix software and seamlessly deploy your HMI solution to the ASEM 6300 device that best fits customer needs.

Our Partnership Rockwell Automation

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