FactoryTalk Optix: An End-to-end HMI Solution from Rockwell Automation
March 20, 2024

FactoryTalk Optix: An End-to-end HMI Solution from Rockwell Automation

What’s new in HMI: The FactoryTalk® Optix™ portfolio by Rockwell Automation® represents a new approach to HMI with hardware and software designed for interoperability, collaboration, and streamlined access to data across your operations.

The software side of the portfolio includes a modern, cloud-enabled design environment, an intuitive visualization interface, and secure remote connectivity capabilities. A broad range of visualization hardware means there’s something for every use case, including Allen-Bradley® ASEM™ 6300 industrial PCs and a new line of purpose-built HMI appliances (OptixPanel™ graphic terminals). With the Factory Talk Optix portfolio, it’s easier than ever for us to help you achieve your HMI vision. 


Deploy faster with an interoperable HMI solution

Getting new machines and equipment up and running quickly is essential—the sooner they’re fully operational, the sooner you see ROI. Interoperability is key to speeding up the setup process. The FactoryTalk Optix portfolio includes HMI software built for interoperability—so instead of time-consuming, fully custom efforts to connect new systems and devices, you get predictability and speedier results. 


  • Compress setup time thanks to support for open communication standards, including full OPC UA support
  • Easily connect to controllers from multiple vendors with native drivers for a diverse range of hardware 
  • Reduce on-site time needed for deployment of new machines and equipment


Unleash your operational data’s potential

Digital transformation promises tremendous benefits, such as significant efficiency gains, greater competitive advantage, and new revenue opportunities. Streamlining access to operational data is critical to realizing value. Using FactoryTalk Optix software, we can help you contextualize your machine data, connect data from disparate sources, gain data-driven insights on the plant floor, and send data to local or cloud-based applications.


  • Unlock the ability to gain enterprise-wide visibility into your machine data, presented in a consistent and contextualized format
  • Use open communication standards like OPC UA and MQTT to collect, contextualize and egress data from across your operation, including Rockwell Automation and third-party devices 
  • Meet your data visualization needs with an intuitive user interface that makes it easier to gain insights



Foster collaboration with an innovative HMI portfolio

Remote collaboration is now part of doing business. But designing and troubleshooting HMI solutions across different locations is often easier said than done. The FactoryTalk Optix portfolio offers a variety of collaboration benefits across the equipment lifecycle. A cloud-enabled design environment makes it easier for us to collaborate with you in real time throughout the design process. And once your solution is up and running, FactoryTalk Remote Access™ capabilities allow operators and maintenance technicians to collaborate with engineers on troubleshooting securely from anywhere.


  • Accelerate equipment time to value with access to engineering collaboration tools throughout the planning, system design and deployment process
  • Empower your workforce to troubleshoot from anywhere using secure remote connectivity capabilities, with VPN technology optimized for industrial connections
  • Share equipment information securely and efficiently with screen mirroring and chat options




FactoryTalk Optix Software

FactoryTalk Optix is an HMI visualization platform. It delivers unmatched flexibility, scalability and interoperability. This new platform includes features such as multi-user collaboration, web-based design and test, and integrated version control.

FactoryTalk Optix Software


FactoryTalk® Remote Access™ Solutions

FactoryTalk Remote Access capabilities provide secure remote connectivity so operators and maintenance technicians can collaborate with engineers on troubleshooting securely from anywhere.

FactoryTalk Remote Access Solutions


FactoryTalk Optix software can be deployed to either an industrial computer or an OptixPanel graphic terminal allowing you to choose the best end device for your specific application.

 Graphic Terminals

OptixPanel graphic terminals provide a closed-system operator interface that is easier to administer. The operating system is not accessible, eliminating the need for antivirus software. They’re also available in a wider range of screen sizes than PCs -- from a 21.5” widescreen model to a 4.3” unit, which is about the size of a mobile phone. These are more budget-friendly and deliver a superior price/performance ratio especially for smaller applications.

OptixPanel Graphic Terminals


ASEM™ 6300 Industrial PCs

Industrial computers give you more options for hardware configuration and can be modified in the field. You can choose the number of displays and communication ports as well as the amount of memory and local storage. You can configure them as self-contained panel PCs or as box PCs with one or more separate monitors. While most PCs run Microsoft Windows, ASEM 6300 industrial PCs can run FactoryTalk Optix software on Windows or Linux.

ASEM 6300 Industrial PC


Cybertrol's Partnership with Rockwell Automation

Cybertrol Engineering is Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Gold System Integrator having achieved 6 program capabilities within the Rockwell Automation Technology Disciplines including: Control, IIoT, Low Voltage Drives, Machine Safety, PlantPAx and Visualization. Not only that, we also became a Service Partner of Plex, by Rockwell Automation in 2023, further enhancing our capabilities to deliver top-notch MES solutions to our clients.

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